Watch two of India’s top business leaders,  Sannam S4 Group’s Chairman and Citi Managing Director Ashok Swarup and Vice Chairperson and Distinguished expert of NITI Aayog, Ajit Pai sit down to discuss and share their thoughts and predictions on the state of play in India following the Union budget, new opportunities, and potential pitfalls for growing organisations in 2022.

Pull up a chair, grab a drink and join Ashok and Ajit in “Doing business in the new normal - The good, the new, and the opportunities in India”.

Watch this dynamic twosome dive into questions like:


  • What actions has the Government taken for the economy to recover post Covid?
  • Which sectors are recovering the fastest?
  • Could further lockdowns hamper economic recovery? 
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Ajit Pai,

Vice Chairperson, Distinguished Expert, NITI Aayog

"One of the challenges that India has had historically, where we actually made lots of progress, but we could make much further progress is the ease of doing business. The compliance and regulatory burden in India has historically been really high, but what's really important about using a company like Sannam S4 Group.

They know how business happens in India. So, I think they (businesses) are doing the right thing when they select a local player that understands conditions and actually educates the investor on what speed things can progress at in India, what is a real problem and what is not a real problem, holding their hand, can help business in India a lot.”

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