Support for international activities through fundraising

The most effective way to connect with international donors is to have a local staff who can understand and appropriately match local philanthropic cultures and research ecosystems. For some, establishing a local organisation in a foreign country is a productive strategy. Doing so enables your institution to build meaningful relationships with local prospects and allows donors to take advantage of local tax rules. At Seamless, we possess a network of alumni, supporters and partners that bolster local fundraising and research initiatives.

Seamless partners with top research institutions and nonprofit organisations who compete to gain funding from some of the largest private and public donors in the world. Amongst all this competition, Seamless has managed to facilitate funding for a wide variety of projects, including clinical trials for tuberculosis research, clean air studies and women's entrepreneurship programming.

Seamlessly redefining internationalisation support

If we wanted to encapsulate the reasons for internationalisation, we might repeat that the word education is derived from the Latin e-duco, to lead out. We are in a stronger position to “lead out”, to educate and to be educated if we are internationalised: in short, become a “truly global” institution with Seamless’ multiple offerings to guide and support you on your journey.

  • Globalise with Confidence – Seamless: Your Ultimate Partner for Internationalisation.
  • Seamless Solutions for a Borderless Future – Transform Your Institution's Internationalisation Strategy
  • Unleash Your Institution's Global Potential with Seamless – Your Partner in Internationalisation 

If you want to set up your institution in Asia and beyond, we’re your partner from start to finish. We can set up your entity, recruit and manage staff, run your payroll, do your accounting and oversee your compliance. We are ready to manage your business and handle your on-the-ground operations, whether that be in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, or another key Asian market.

Once you are up and running, we can advise you on growth, ensuring you are being compliant while also respecting local customs. Our deep domain experience in higher education ensures your ability to thrive and succeed.

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