An offshore capability centre is a specialised hub strategically situated in a foreign land, designed to supercharge your operations while keeping costs in check. Dive into a world filled with a wealth of tech expertise, opening up new horizons for your business, all under your command from afar.

At Seamless, we specialise in helping businesses set up offshore capability centres in India.

With a highly skilled workforce, competitive labour costs, and a favourable time zone, India is the perfect location for businesses looking to leverage these advantages. Our experienced team of professionals can help you establish a successful offshore presence in India, allowing you to supercharge your business and achieve your goals.

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Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of building a technology capability centre in India is cost savings. The cost of living and labour in India is relatively low compared to other countries, which means that businesses can hire skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the Indian government offers several tax incentives and other benefits to businesses investing in the tech industry, further reducing the cost of doing business..

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Access to Talent

India is home to a vast pool of talented tech professionals, making it easy for businesses to find qualified individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to work on complex tech projects. In addition, many of these professionals are fluent in English, making communication easier for businesses based in English-speaking countries.

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Time Zone Advantage

India is in a time zone that is ideal for businesses that operate in North America, Europe, and Asia. This means that businesses can have their tech capability centre working on projects around the clock, providing faster turnaround times and increased efficiency. Our team in India can work on a project during the day and have the completed work ready for you the next morning.

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English Proficiency

English is widely spoken in India, and many tech professionals are fluent in the language. This makes communication easier for businesses that are based in English-speaking countries. Our team in India can communicate with you seamlessly, ensuring that you have the support you need at all times.

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Government Support

The Indian government has implemented several initiatives to encourage the growth of the tech industry in the country. This includes tax incentives, subsidies, and other benefits for businesses that invest in the sector. This favourable business environment has helped create a thriving tech ecosystem in India, making it an attractive location for businesses looking to establish a presence.

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Here at Seamless, we have the expertise and experience needed to help businesses set up successful offshore technology capability centres in India. From hiring and training to infrastructure and legal compliance, we provide end-to-end support to ensure that your venture is successful. 

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